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Your all in one solution to get your medical centre or professional practice online. And more clients to your practice

Your all in one solution to get your medical centre or professional practice online.



Here’s what you get in all the packs and get more customers:


Responsive Website Design = Flawless Design On All Devices

Did you know that 48% (according to Smart Insights) of consumers start mobile research with a search engine. So what that means is that someone searching for your profession has a 1 out of 2 probability of searching on a mobile device and firstly looking for you on Google.

So it is so important that your website looks and functions perfectly on all devices. A Medi Site website gives you exactly that, as all the websites we build for Dentists, Osteopaths, orthodontists, physiotherapists and allied health professionals are created to work on all devices (Responsive).

Map Locations

Map Locations

Have you noticed when you search for a local service or business that Google will often display a Map section on page 1? Great. Well this is can be a excellent way to get your business listed on page 1 of Google. The Google Plus/Maps allows you to show for local searches your location and identify you with being a local based business and without paying for SEO (search engine optimisation) or SEM (search engine marketing)

Now when it comes to iPhones & iPads and Android phones most of these services use a different platform to power their maps, this platform is called Yelp. We also list your business with Yelp so this helps to maximise your coverage and local exposure.


Get New Clients

Most our clients not only want a great website they’d also love more clients.

Now a website on its own will not necessarily get to page 1 of Google (especially if your market place is competitive). With a Medi Sites package you can easily and cost effectively test out Google SEO & SEM to drive more “Targeted” traffic to your website.

We do this by getting your website to Page 1 of Google (according to research 92% of people never go to page 2 and 50% of searches click on the top 3 listings), this is where your potential clients are searching and in turn where we help you get to.

Our team is backed by our Google Partner status, which ensures you are getting the best results for your business.

What about yellow pages etc?
Well sure you can use those, but let’s face it when most people are searching Google (a search engine) the last thing they want to do is then go into another search engine… So you are better of being on Page 1 of Google with your own website.


Ongoing Support

With a Medi Site website you are never on your own.

We pride ourselves on providing a great online support system for you, so when you are not sure of something for your website, or you want to make a change we are there to take care of this for you.

In fact, most our web packages also come with 30 minutes of work each month, so anytime you have a change for your website, a new job you want to feature or a testimonial we add it for you at no additional charge.


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